Thursday, July 16, 2009

Raspberry Pickin'

I'm having a blast and just wanted to tell you that this post is coming from the great state of Idaho where I was born and raised.

Every year, I take my kids to visit my parents and we try to go during the time my mom's raspberries are ripe. This year, both my girls are old enough to pick and *eat* lots of raspberries. Dawson is old enough to eat anything within reach, including the canna leaves he could reach from his stroller today! He likes raspberries too.

I'm so glad I have the chance to come back to my hometown for a bit and make memories with my kids. They love their grandparents and it's so fun for me to run with them through the same irrigation ditch I did when I was a kid. Yesterday, I taught them how to make the perfect mud pie. We played in the same playhouse from my childhood--of course the playhouse has been remodeled and redecorated a bit, too!

We visited the burial ground of our family dog of fifteen years who passed away just over a month ago. This was sad, but the memories I have aren't sad and I get to witness my kids playing with the crazy dog that's only one year old who will make memories too.

We're going to visit the park of the elementary school that I attended which had its final year this year. We drove by the new school a couple days ago. It's amazing how life changes.

I hope you have a chance to revisit some good memories and make some new ones this summer too.
Have a happy, memorable day!


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