Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sending Prayers for my Friends

This whole week I've been thinking about my friends from Idaho. Shelley lost her husband in a plane crash and he leaves behind three very young children.
Click here for a news clip about the accident. It says two Utah men, but they were born and raised in Idaho.It's so hard to believe this happened. I went to high school with Jed and Shelley is one of my best friend's little sister--I love their family.I can't stop thinking about Shelley Mingo and her 3 kids without a daddy now. It makes my heart hurt every time I look at my 3 kids and wonder how she'll get through this.
I've been visiting the blog set up for Jed, Jordan, and Ron and praying for the family. Life is so precious! Pray for them When you visit the blog, there is a donate button to donate money for Shelley and her children to help them get through this and get back on their feet.

A trust fund for Jordan and Shelley's kids--age 4, 2, and 3 months has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank. To donate please contact any Wells Fargo Bank and reference the Mingo Family Fund.

The thing that keeps going through my mind as I think of this sad accident and look at my children is that those kids won't remember...they won't even understand why their daddy won't be coming home from work today, tomorrow, the next day. I said to Steve and my sister, "how many memories do you have of when you were four years old?"
I'm sure that the family will help these kids to "know" their dad through pictures and memories, but I just feel so sad that so many moments will be lost. It's really strange for me because in July I had a conversation like this with my mom.

I told her I wanted to cry when I thought about how hard I work to take care of my kids and that if I were gone, they wouldn't even remember. It really hurts to think of that. As we talked, we decided that maybe there is a blessing in our mortal memories being so weak. We wouldn't want our innocent children to be weighed down with crushing grief, overwhelming pain and sadness for a loved one lost. So they forget and are able to continue on in the innocence of their lives. They can still laugh and smile and that is probably the biggest blessing that Shelley will have--her kids will help her through this time.

If you feel like sending a prayer Shelley's way and the rest of the Mingo family, even if you don't know them, I'm sure that every prayer will help.


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