Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Cake Time

We've had lots of fun birthdays lately and lots of fun cakes to go with them!

For Gracie's 6th birthday we did a Barbie Princess cake.

My mom always made elaborate decorated cakes and she taught me how to use different decorating tips and techniques.

I decorated Minnie Mouse for Maggie's 4th birthday.

I'm definitely not a pro, but I have a lot of fun creating cakes for my kids.
Today is Dawson's 1st birthday and I had so much fun making his very own football cake and then a big Football field for the rest of the fam. Steve made the goal posts for me out of straws. He was pretty proud of his contribution to the cake. Thanks honey!
More pictures to come of my little guy eating his cake!! Can't believe he's ONE YEAR OLD already.


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