Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cinderella For A Day

Yesterday I was cooking dinner and dashing around the kitchen as fast as I could to feed my three kids--you know how this goes, hurry and get the baby some food in his high chair so he'll stop screaming, get an alternate menu item prepared for the picky 4 year old, blow on the food that's too hot for the six year old.
Mom, I need a drink.
Mom, can I have some milk?
Mom, where's my napkin?
This is too hot!
I need a spoon.
Can I have some water too?
Mom, she took a bite of my bread!!
Can I give Dawson a bite of my yogurt?

Anyway, you get the picture. As I'm scurrying to and fro acting the perfect serving girl part, Gracie (6 yrs) looks at me, smiles, and says,
"Mom, you're just like Cinderella because you work so hard and you don't complain. You just give everyone their food and you don't ever get to eat."

See, once in a while somebody notices what it's like to be a mom. Thanks, Gracie. I'll try to remember that I'm just like Cinderella next time I'm trying to rock my baby to sleep, the 4 year old is puking on the couch downstairs, and the 6 year old gets home from school just in time to say, "Eww, gross. Maggie threw up!"


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