Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Cookie to Share

My first grader, Gracie, came home from school last week and I met her at the door. She was excited to tell me that someone had a birthday in her class.
"Look at what we got," she said as she held up a large chocolate cookie. "It's pretty big, so I brought it home to share with Maggie."

I noticed that her cookie was still in its packaging unopened, and the chocolate frosting looked warm and gooey. She had walked all the way home with her delicious treat and not even taken a bite.

"Gracie, you are the best sister. That is so nice," I told her and then I blinked a lot because my eyes suddenly felt really wet.

I love my two girls. They're pretty close in age, have plenty of tiffs, and they aren't perfect, but I know they love each other.

I'm glad that Gracie has a little sister. I have a big sister and a little sister. I have lots of great memories of sharing cookies, toys, and giggles with my little sister.

A sister is a best friend. I hope they'll still be best friends ten years, twenty years from now...forever.


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