Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My 200th Post and Blogoversary Surprise

Wow! My lovely blogger dashboard informed me that I have published 199 posts and so I decided I better celebrate for my 200th post! And celebrate times two because my two-year blogoversary is just days away!

Over the past two years, I have enjoyed posting on all sorts of things. I've learned a lot about blogland and enjoyed making new friends through my blog.
Click here to see my very first post!

I did a lot of research and writing for and that was fun while it lasted. I continue to write an occasional article for their newsletter as well.

One of my favorite things to post about is my love of books. If you check out my sidebar, you'll see Rachelle's Book Club and you can click on any of the links and read my reviews. I try my best to keep my reviews subjective, honest, and helpful to the inquiring reader.

Another fun thing I love about blogland is the great contests and giveaways. I've also hosted a few of those.

And lots of fun and wacky posts along the way too. Click here to see Rachelle's Top 10 Reasons to be a Writer.

My blogoversary surprise is that I have a secret!
I'm so excited for a HUGE giveaway coming soon on my blog. Check back here near the end of September and I will give you a few clues as to what I'm giving away. If you guess right, you'll get an extra entry in the contest before it even opens. Believe me, you are going to want as many entries as you can get in this giveaway. It is the biggest giveaway I've ever hosted and we're talking big $$$ that this prize is worth, people!!

Another tidbit for my 2nd blogoversary:
When I started this blog two years ago, I was hard at work to make my dream of becoming a published author true. I sent out tons of queries and I have a lovely file folder filled with rejections. Being a writer can be very disheartening at times, discouraging at others, and downright crappy at others, but wait, there is a little bit of time left in between all those crappy times where you can see a rainbow with your dreams fulfilled at the end.
I'm doggedly determined and I've kept writing and doing all I can to get closer to my dream.

In 2007, I saw a small light at the end of the tunnel when the first chapter of my romantic suspense novel, Wrong Number, took second place in the suspense category of the LDStorymakers first chapter contest. The certificate is still hanging on my wall behind my computer to offer motivation. Now, some of you may already know that I received a publishing contract for Wrong Number, but in light of how far I've come I wanted to mention...

After several revisions and late nights with tired eyes, Wrong Number is on the publishing track. Sweetwater Books, the national imprint of Cedar Fort, will publish my suspense novel and it's slated for release June 2010 for the national market! I am thrilled! My nonfiction book, Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage is also slated to be published May 2010 for the LDS market.

It's amazing how much can happen in two years time. I hope you all have a wonderful September and keep chasing your dreams, because someday soon with enough determination and perseverance, you'll catch your dream!

Remember to check back later this month for my big announcement!


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