Monday, September 14, 2009

New Moon Movie Trailer

Okay, today my friend Nichole sent me a link on Facebook (it's on her blog too) to the new movie trailer for the next Twilight movie, New Moon. I got a little excited! I've even got a countdown widget on my sidebar now!

New Moon was my favorite of the Twilight books because I am a huge fan of Jacob. In fact, even after finishing the series I still am.

Here's a post from 2007 you can read on this very subject--includes plot spoilers! Man, I forgot how much fun I had reading these books and I read them before all the controversy among writers and readers really hit the fan.

I'm going to have to go back and re-read them, all but #4.
I would have just liked to skip Breaking Dawn and rewrite Bella coming to her senses and falling for Jacob so she could be human. With Breaking Dawn, I did see a great resolution to the whole problem with Bella not being able to enjoy traits of human life, but I hated what happened to Jacob.

*But, all you Edward-lovers out there don't send me hate mail because when you see the trailer, you'll know why I'm soft. Jacob is a hottie and I'm sorry Hollywood, but Edward just ain't doin' nothin' for me. His hair is way too freaked out like he continually has his finger in an electrical socket.

Okay, enough rambling, go check out the movie trailer for New Moon and tell me what you think!


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