Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween with a Special Cake

We had a great Halloween and for our Halloween party today, we made a special treat--A Kitty Litter Cake!!
My friend, Connie, sent me an email with pictures of gross cakes for Halloween and my husband and I laughed over this idea! We looked up how to make it online. I made a cake for his work potluck/Halloween party and then made another one for our family party.

The cake is delicious and looks super-realistic, don't you think? Although some people were a little afraid to try it. Others liked it so much they asked for the recipe!
If you'd like to make one, click here for the details.
I should mention that you can really use just about any kind of cake mix you want as long as you cover the top with the vanilla cookie crumbs. I like yellow cake, so I made our family one with yellow cake and spice cake.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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