Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love ArtsCow!

ArtsCow? What is this? When I first heard the name I laughed and then I found out about this cool company and cheered!

I have been behind on my scrapbooking for years and have been so discouraged that I just make cards instead of scrapbook! Now, thanks to ArtsCow, I'm a new woman free from the shackles of scrapbooking-to-do lists (sort of!)

ARTSCOW has a wonderful program for making hardbound photo books. I've completed three and helped my mom make another and we have received all of them and loved them!

I'm telling you about this because if you click on my referral link here then ArtsCow thanks me with referral awards--you can do the same upon signing up.

When you sign up, you'll enjoy 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits *. The little * is because you have to pay shipping.

This company is based in Hong Kong and they ship via airmail. At first this worried me, but I can say now that I am completely satisfied with my purchases.
I got my first book for free and only paid $7.99 shipping. Can you believe a 20 page, full color, hardbound photo book for only $7.99?
I also just finished a 60 page photo book for my baby and ordered it with a coupon special for only $18.99 total!

They have different coupons and offers going on all the time so that I'm planning on never having to pay full price for any photo book. The next project I'm going to start is a 12X12 photo book for our family.

I'm also very pleased with their customer service.

When you get emails and notifications from them, you'll notice some funny phrasing/wording, I read some reviews that people were turned off because of this. This occurs because the people typing up the notes are using English as a second language. Remember they are in Hong Kong. I've sent two emails with questions and received my answer within 48 hours. I am very pleased with their prompt customer service.

I haven't ordered any prints yet, but as soon as I do I'll let you know. My sister-in-law has ordered from them and says they are great quality. A lot of people order prints to do their scrapbook with and I've seen good reviews on those.

ArtsCow also just got a brand new huge printer so that everything they print is super quality.
So check out ArtsCow, you can make photo books, print pictures--even awesome canvas prints, even make a deck of cards, purse, blanket, or umbrella with your picture on it!

Hope you enjoy this!


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