Monday, December 21, 2009

White Elephant Party

Last night we went to our annual family Christmas party. There's lots of good food and seeing family is great, but the highlight of the party is when we do our white elephant gift exchange.

We laugh, cheer, and steal each other's gifts. It's so much fun!

I had a little too much fun planning this year's white elephant gift. Last year I made a Hillbilly Handbag. I still laugh every time I picture the moment when my relative pulled the Hillbilly handbag out of the box. Yes, your eyes are in focus--that bag is made out of one pair of ginormous briefs!

So this year, not to disappoint, I made another special item from HillBilly International.

My hubby was kind enough to model this work of art for you, but his shoulders are a little too broad (flex those biceps, my muscle man!) I took a few extra pics to show off the creative genius of Hillbilly International!
I haven't got much sleep the past few nights and was up late instant messaging my sister and giggling so I even came up with a product information card for this new item.
The HillBilly Hunting Vest, M.D.
We at Hillbilly International(international within Kentucky) take our customer's needs very seriously. When Uncle DeLyle outgrew his 3X briefs he told his wife, "Bessie, these still have a lot of good wear in them. It's a shame they have to go to waste on account of your cookin'"

Well, Bessie called up her Aunt Mabel (she invented Mabelline, so she knew she could come up with something great.)
Mabel went to work and invented the Hillbilly Hunting Vest, MD. Through trial and some error (Uncle DeLyle got shot at too many times when she added the fake fur in brown and white tones to the neck line) we now are able to present you with our new and improved hunting vest. Please take note to the attention to detail Aunt Mabel created.

The Extra Ammo pocket is deep and able to hold several rounds of shells as well as a few candy bars.

The Hidden Pocket in the inside of the vest can hold up to a box of Gas-X for those times when you've killed and roasted too many squirrels.

The Gun Sling is positioned to take advantage of the reinforced lining of the leg holes on the briefs.

Mabel also added the stylish orange signal line around the vest because DeLyle complained that he was getting shot at too many times because the vest blended in with the snow and his hair apparently resembles a squirrel’s tail.

The HillBilly Hunting Vest, M.D. is just what the doctor ordered, but it’s not made by doctors. The M.D. stands for Mabel & DeLyle and we want to thank them for helping us increase our line. Please visit our website for information about our other products including the famous, HillBilly Handbag.

*Please note that since the production of the hunting vest DeLyle has outgrown size 4X so new products will be coming soon.
Product Disclaimer:
*This hunting vest does not increase hunting skills.
*Always use gun safety, don’t shoot at someone because you want their hunting vest.

Okay, I warned you I hadn't had much sleep. Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.

The holidays are so much fun and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


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