Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Black Cat Crossed My Path

Over the past month, a black cat has crossed my path every day and I'm happy about that.
Good thing I'm not superstitious!

My brother and his family moved clear across the country and asked if I would like to adopt his cat. At first, I wasn't sure what to do. We already had a tomcat that someone had dropped off when we first moved into this house.

I talked to my husband and we decided that maybe we should go ahead and get our cat neutered since he had become a permanent fixture. We loved Tigger and he was so friendly with the kids.
I arranged with my brother to go and pick up his cat. About a week before this was to happen, Tigger disappeared.
It was right around the time of a huge snowstorm that we got in December--it dumped about 16 inches in 2 days.
Tigger is one of those cats that would show up day or night every time we went outside. If it was in the middle of the night and one of my kids had an attack of croup. I'd take them out to breathe the cool night air and within minutes, Tigger would show up, purring and rubbing against my legs.

Tigger didn't come back.
We were sad. We don't know what happened, but have a hunch about huge snowplows clearing roads, perhaps?

I told my husband that Tigger must have overheard us talking about getting him neutered and he decided it was time to head for the hills.
But seriously, we will miss Tigger.

And so it was nice that a week after one cat's disappearance, we adopted another.
Meet Bagheera.

If you've seen The Jungle Book, then you know where his name came from. It definitely fits. He is sleek, completely black, and already a favorite.

Bagheera is just as friendly and loving as our other cat. If he hears us in the front room, he goes to the front door and meows.

So, like I said. A black cat crosses my path every day. He looks at me with knowing eyes, meows, rubs against my leg, and purrs. And we're taking good care of him because we love cats.
If you don't like cats, I feel sorry for you, but thanks for letting me share anyway. If you do like cats, thanks for letting me post this memorial/welcome in honor of our feline friends.
Farewell, Tigger.
Bagheera, I'm thinking black cats are pretty lucky.


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