Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Record Keeper by Mary Greathouse

I was fortunate enough to win my own copy of this fantastic binder called Family Record Keeper compiled by Mary Greathouse. I've already started filling in my family's info and I love the Year in Review feature. I can keep this binder handy with all of my cookbooks (thanks for the tip, Mary) and pull it out anytime I'd like to update a special happening in my family. One of the things I like to keep track of is the pattern of illnesses my young children experience along with remedies I used to help them and whether they had to visit the doctor. I can keep all of this info in one central location.


I asked Mary to tell us a little bit about this must-have record keeper for every family and why she decided to create it
 Mary: I am the mother of seven and had a hard time keeping track of all the information I needed about my family. So I created this book to keep everything in one convenient place. I'm keeping it in with my cookbooks so I can find it easily.

What Family Record Keeper is: A three-ring binder to keep track of the records of each of your family members, all in one place.
There is a separate section for each family member, whether parent, child, grandparent, etc....you choose. It can be expanded for more family members or pages can be taken out that aren't relevant.

The first book section is for recording information needed in an emergency, including emergency contacts, meeting places, special instructions, utility shut-offs.
The next five sections are individual member sections and includes personal information and identification, records locations, health information, sacred ordinances and church callings, military, mission, marriage and family, education, jobs, homes, resume of you life experiences and things you'd like your family to know, plus more.

The last sections include room to list special occasion dates, school schedule, year in review pages for listing the significant events of the year as they happen (and you don't throw away with the calendar), addresses and extra note pages to insert where ever needed.

This is a helpful book for a young family, but my children are grown and I am using it to keep track of their families, moves, experiences, etc. I am also using it for myself and husband to keep track of our church callings and medical records. You could use it to keep track of aging parents, also. A military mom who moved a lot told me that it would be a great way to keep track of all their records through all their moves.

Customize to your needs

  • Compact,  7" x 9"  3-ring binder with removable pages
  • Add or remove pages to fit your needs
  • Individual sections for 5 different family members, more individual sections available
  • Each section includes 38 pages
  • Emergency information section includes contact information, meeting places, special instructions, etc.
  • Extra pages for  Special Occasions,  School schedules,
  • Year in Review section to track major life events, year-by-year.
  • Movable address pages
  • Lots of extra note pages to move to where you need more record keeping room
  • Emergency Preparedness.  Grab and go in an emergency,  all of your contact information and important record information  in hand

What a wonderful idea, Mary! Thank you so much.

You can purchase your own Family Record Keeper through Mary's Website or blog below.
Mary's blog is www.marysgreathouse.blogspot.com


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