Thursday, January 7, 2010

Story Time Felts Community Helpers Literature by Rachelle J. Christensen

I had so much fun last year creating the literature for 12 months of community helpers for Story Time Felts. I came up with original stories, poems, songs and other information to accompany more than 24 community helpers.
I wanted to share with you the darling illustrations by Jenni Sheffield and details for these community helpers.

Last year’s Community Helpers are now available for everyone. These are great for teachers, libraries and of course families! At 10" tall, the dolls are larger than our regular dolls and have clothing sets made specifically for them. We are selling the dolls and clothing sets separately as well as in a Community Helpers Collection. The Collection includes all four dolls and the twelve clothes sets which will cover 24 different community helpers!

Save over $40 on the collection!
8200 Community Helper Collection
Uncut 129.99, Pre-cut $164.99
Include four Community Helper Dolls, 24 Community Helper Clothes PLUS accessories, and lesson helps for all 12 sets.

80212--Greg $12.99     80211--Jason $12.99   80214--Brandi $12.99   80213--Kim $12.99

80215 Athlete/Umpire                          80216 Baker/Banker
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99                Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99

80217 Librarian/Mayor                         80218 Construction/Sanitation
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99                Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99


80219  Farmer/Fisherman                  802110 Doctor/Dentist
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99             Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99  

802111 Fireman/Ranger                              802112 Teacher/Principal
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99                       Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99

802113  Artist/Photographer                  802114  Police/Conductor
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99                 Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99


802115 Astronaunt/Pilot                      802116  Postman/Delivery
Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99                Uncut $9.99, Pre-cut $12.99

You can visit the Story Time Felts website for more info or call 1-800-272-5641 to order.


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