Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Books Are Here

On Friday I called my publisher to see if they knew when my books might be back from press. The receptionist said, "Oh, they just came in today."
Breath stills.
REALLY! Oh my goodness! I'm so excited!

That afternoon, I loaded up my kids and we drove over and I bought my first box of books to use as review copies for my blog tour and to have ready for the fundraisers I'm doing in March as well as hopeful extras for the book signings I have scheduled!

When I held my book and saw my name--my name--Rachelle J. Christensen--on the cover, I smiled so big! I held out my book to my kids and said, "Look, this is my book!"
They grinned. They already know their mother wears her heart on her sleeve.

My 4 yr. old said, "Yes, Mom. It's your Wrong Phone Number book."
6 yr. old rolls eyes. "It's Wrong Number."
17 month old tries to get inside the box of books and ends up hitting his head on the receptionist desk.
I love my kids! I'm so glad they could be there to share the excitement. Then when we got home we celebrated with Steve.
I stopped by on the way home and showed my in-laws. It was so fun to be excited with them.
Then I showed my parents via the webcam and showed them the dedication page--which is in part to them. They loved it!

I can't believe the day has finally come. The day I've been dreaming about for years and years. My book is published! It is for sale and I have signings scheduled. I'm an author! I love how my book turned out. The cover is fantastic. The typesetting is wonderful. The editing was superb and it went through so many rounds of revisions. I really feel great about sending my baby out to the world. Thanks to everyone at Bonneville Books and especially to my editor, Katie Carter!

I can't wait to hear what people think about Wrong Number.
Stay tuned for more details and insider information on how Wrong Number came to be!

Do you have questions? Leave a comment or email me: RachellethewriterAT gmail. com


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