Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blank Pages

Today I wanted to include a guest post that was featured on Christine Bryant's Friendly Friday. Hope you enjoy it!

As I stared at the blank page on my Word document trying to think what to blog about for my guest post, I thought of something. No, it wasn’t how many loads of laundry I needed to do, or what I should fix for dinner, or that I really need some stronger air freshener for my baby’s latest diaper…

I thought about life and why I love to write—why I need to write.
When I’m in the first stages of writing a new novel, a blank page can be frightening. I want to get it right. I want to develop my characters so that they sing from the pages. I want to write the next best-seller. So it’s a little frightening, but it can also be exciting. The anticipation of how words will fill that blank page and become part of a story, how one sentence might change the whole direction of the story—the power of one word—all these things can make writing quite exciting once you’ve put those first words on the page.

Maybe it’s the writer in me or maybe some of my synapses are just pointing in a different direction, but I feel like so much of my life is like the writing process. Life is much like a blank page. Each day I wake up with a list of things that need doing and I try to plan for life, but it always surprises me.

I think that’s why I like writing, because to me, it feels like a natural extension of life. It’s how I communicate with life. All of those thoughts buzzing through my mind can at times feel overwhelming, but when I’m writing a novel I can pull in stray thoughts from the far reaches of my brain and tie them together with the nagging worries hovering on my cortex and create a story. A story where I can escape the wave of notions going on in my head and organize my thoughts into a novel.

And when I’m finished writing—or more likely when I get interrupted—I’ll go and change that diaper, change that load of laundry, start preparing dinner, and all the while I’ll be smiling, thinking about the conversations my characters are having in my head. My fingers will itch to write down the words bouncing around in my brain and I’ll fill up those blank pages.

I’ll make some mistakes and I’ll have to rewrite, but that’s life—it really is. Every day I make mistakes, but that doesn’t keep me from trying to be the best wife and mother I can. It won’t stop me from trying to show my children every day how much I love them and that I love them enough to try and fix my mistakes and become a better person.
Character flaws are what make a story interesting, but in real life I wish I could be rid of them. So I’ll keep writing, filling up those blank pages, and living, hoping for the day when I can write that perfect page.

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