Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you to Kitty at LiquidAmbarStudio for giving me this award!
You should check out her blog and amazing artwork, she is definitely creative--Wow!

The recipient of this award is challenged to list 7 things about them that readers may not know and then pass the Kreative Blogger award on to 7 other blogs the person enjoys reading.

1. One of my jobs after college was to work as a treadmill tester. Yes, I got paid to run/walk on the treadmill. The shifts were four-hours long.

2. I've always wanted to learn how to paint with oils. I've learned a teeny, tiny bit about watercolor painting and think it's so neat!

3. I like houseplants and I'm pretty good at keeping them alive. The oldest one I have right now is 12 years old.

4. I like to take 20 minute power naps in the afternoon when the stars align just right (that means when my kids are sleeping/occupied).

5. I went to England on a study abroad program with BYU the summer before I got married and loved it so much--I want to go back someday!

6. I have vivid dreams in color and dreaming has always been a topic that interests me. I wrote my term paper on Dreams in college.

7. One summer, my brother and I had a job to hack down Bull Thistles (I don't know what variety of thistle they actually are, that's what we called them) with machetes on a farm--they are a noxious weed and by law have to be removed. Some of them were six-eight feet tall with thorns that could slice right through your skin.

And to pass on to 7 other Kreativ blogs:
Some of my blogger buddies have had this award recently, so I'll try to think of a few that might not have--or at least I didn't get to read the post. :)
1.Christine Bryant
2. Annette Lyon
3. Connie Hall
4.Jenn Wilks
5. Kim at Crafty Makes
6. Ashley at Make It and Love It
7. Homemade by Jill

*Okay, stay tuned because Friday March 5th I'm kicking off the biggest Rock Your Blog World Contest you've seen in a while featuring yours truly---Rachelle J. Christensen's novel Wrong Number--and a HUGE prize that you'll be drooling over!!


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