Monday, March 8, 2010

Review and Author Interview Schedule for Wrong Number

 I'm so excited to kick off my blog tour for Wrong Number. It's going to be fantastic because there are so many great people involved!
I'm listing all the stops below. There will be separate author interviews and reviews, so check them out.

March 8- C.L. Beck: Write Up My Alley and Tristi Pinkston
and  Christine Bryant

March 9-  Scribbled Scraps and Nichole Giles
March 10- Ali Cross and Queen of the Clan and Tristi Pinkston  and Anne Bradshaw
March 11-  Jenni James and and Annette Lyon Wendy Paul
March 12-  Alvor-Dare To Dream and Ali Cross and Cami Checketts and   Anne Bradshaw   
March 13-  Ronda Hinrichson and Jenni James
March 15- Nichole Giles and Marilyn Bunderson and Rachel Rager
March 16- Wendy Paul and Queen of the Clan and Christine Bryant
March 17-  Marilyn Bunderson and C.L. Beck: Write Up My Alley and Heather Justesen
March 18- Diony George and Alvor-Dare To Dream and Ronda Hinrichson
March 19- Heather Justesen and Scribbled Scraps
March 20-  Cami Checketts and Diony George and Rachel Rager

Available wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon

Read a sneak peek of chapter one here at Rachelle Writes and you can watch the book trailer here


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