Monday, May 24, 2010

Building a Sandbox

We're thrilled about the weekend project my husband completed!

We have three kiddos who love to play in the sand and after hearing them fight over the small space in our tiny sand turtle, we decided it was time to build a big sand box.

We measured out a space of 8 feet by 8 feet. When I told my mom the size she said, "What? That's as big as a bedroom!" Yep, and it's perfect for our kids and a couple friends.

Steve dug out the sod and then created a frame for the sandbox. He attached landscaping mesh to the frame and then dumped in 25 bags of play sand that were 50 pounds each!!
After all that sand, we decided we still need about 10 more bags so it will be a bit deeper. Steve bought a big tarp and we cover up the sandbox when not in use to keep the cat out and all of the rainy weather we've had lately. The kids have had so much fun already! Thanks, honey for all your hard work.

Now all I need to do is write to the manufacturers of little boys clothing. Why in the heck does a 20 month old need five different pockets in his jeans? You should see the amount of sand that gets stuck in his clothes. We try to de-sand-itize before he comes back in the house. I'm willing to put up with some sand in clothes and hair because the kids are happy.
What summer projects are in the works for you?


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