Friday, June 18, 2010

Have you visited my other blog?

I have another blog called Coping with Miscarriage and I created it to coincide with my book, Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage for Latter-day Saints. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do or send someone who you think might benefit from this type of blog.

I just posted today on a special topic-- Father's Day Thoughts After a Miscarriage

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thought

Today I'm giving you a writing quote from Dave Wolverton. I signed up to receive his "Daily Kick in the Pants" email newsletter almost two years ago and he is an amazing writer and teacher.

In speaking about the complexity of getting your novel the right length so that it is appealing to your publisher, booksellers, AND your audience, Dave said:

"What is an author to do?
There may be a compromise. Instead of writing massive tomes, working on endless descriptions, what if you instead wrote more “deeply”? What if you spent time considering how your setting would affect your characters, changing the way that they acted, felt, thought, and spoke? Could you immerse your reader into your fictive universe more deeply by making it a goal to do so in every paragraph, every sentence?

Think of your story as a chocolate cake. One way to sate the appetite of a fan might be to make a HUGE cake. But instead of making your cake larger, could you make it richer and more delicious?

Think about that today, as you work on your latest work, whatever it may be."

 To learn more about Dave and his writing workshops as well as to sign up for his newsletter, go to

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Magic of Childhood

Do you remember the magic of your childhood? Do you remember looking at the world and seeing a bit of magic in everything?

I do.

I think that those memories have come flooding back in the past few years as I've watched my children grow and observed them discovering the world. How they delight in a chicken feather or a coral poppy filled with purple powder and a buzzing bee. Trying to explain the magic of the single day bloom of a day-lily. The day my daughter asked what really happens when someone says they don't believe in fairies.

As a child, I remember stepping out of my room and rushing back in to see if my stuffed animals had moved--or better yet, listening at the door to see if I could overhear them talking. I remember constructing great scenes in my head of a heroine and her knight in shining armor racing to her rescue. My lips would often move in silent speech as I thought out the details of my story. I've noticed my seven-year-old doing the same thing, but she's not afraid to tell those stories aloud as she plays.

I see the creative desires in my children and hope that they can hold onto those magical abilities, that they won't let the world take the magic from them. I was lucky because my parents have always been accepting of my "creative side" even when some people might have rolled their eyes and thought, "Why can't she do it like everyone else?"

I'm learning firsthand that sometimes being creative can be exhausting to a parent, especially when everything seems to spark a desire to have Mom help make something. Today it started with a lesson in a spirograph (I was delighted to find that they still make these!) that I purchased at a yard sale. Then it was an outline of a stencil to make an alien and a spaceship, and then the question....Do you have a box that we can make into a spaceship? Mom, can you cut the window in our ship? Mom, Dawson has the scissors and won't let go of them! I was trying to make dinner at the same time, but they were able to construct part of their spaceship.

Here's the part where I need to step back and remember. Forget the dinner and the bathrooms that need cleaning--just remember how it felt to recognize the magic. Cruising through a world of stars next to a blue and green alien that likes cherries and bananas.

Do you remember the magic of your childhood? Do you remember looking at the world and seeing a bit of magic in everything?

I hope today you'll take a moment to remember, relive it with a child, write it down in a journal, create a story from that magic... feel the magic sparkles from a fairy rainbow dusting your eyelashes as you smile.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Writing

Yep, I'm raising kids, pregnant, raising chickens, and I'm still writing. Some days my word count makes me smile, other days...well, at least I'm thinking about my plot line.
I'm working on the spin-off to Wrong Number Wrong Numberas well as a couple other books. I've been involved with a ton of book signings, fundraisers, and other events to promote Wrong Number and have enjoyed the experience. My book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Utah Costco's, Wal-Mart, Deseret Book, and tons of other places online and at a bookstore near you.
 If you'd like to see some of the reviews for my book, you can click here and choose one of the many people who posted reviews and interview questions with me. You can still see my book trailer here for a sneak peek about Wrong Number.

Lots of people have been passing around my book and I've loved hearing what you think. Several of you have mentioned that you would like to feature Wrong Number in your book club. I'm happy to send bookmarks (while supplies last) for each member of your book club. Just email and tell me about your book club and how many bookmarks you need. I also have some fun interview questions and tidbits about writing I'll include to add to your discussion.

I've also been busy with my second book that was just released in May. This book is completely different from my first because it is nonfiction and based on a very tender subject.
Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage for Latter-day SaintsLost Children: Coping With Miscarriage for Latter-Day Saints is definitely a work of heart. I'm so happy with how it turned out and would like you to know that I have a separate blog on the subject of miscarriage. You can visit it at I'd love to hear your comments or questions on this subject.You can write
Continue visiting this blog and you can stop by my website to see what's new in my writing world. I have a fun announcement that I'm gearing up to make about my writing this summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy with Baby Chicks

I guess you could call it the mothering side of me, but when we decided to get baby chicks to raise for laying hens, I took full responsibility for their care.

They are so cute, but also a lot of work. I decided that if we ever need more hens, I'll get the chicks when they are already 9 weeks old and ready to go outside in warm weather. We started with 5 baby chicks in April and they were one and two weeks old. I kept them in my garage and cleaned up after them daily and watched them grow. At first they were tiny fuzzballs, then they started to get feathers.
 Everybody loved the baby chicks. We had to save them from our son, but the cat just watched them and has never bothered them.
We bought a book called Keeping ChickensKeep Chickens! which was a quick read, informative, funny, and a great reference tool. Even though my husband and I were both raised with chickens, it's been a long time and I couldn't remember a lot of things about chickens, like why we feed them oyster shells.
Oh, do you want to know why? It's because the oyster shells help chickens digest food in their gizzard by mashing up the food.

My kids loved them, especially my 7 year old. She picked a favorite and pushed it around in the stroller!
I'll post a little bit more info about these silly birds with updated pictures and our new chicken coop soon! I have some funny stories! Since we started this endeavor we have found that tons of our neighbors and friends have chickens--lots of them! Do you have chickens? If so, what are some of your experiences?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Been a Little Bit Busy

The days keep flying by and my blog has been severely neglected. Sorry all of my bloggy friends! I'm going to attempt to catch up by giving you a snippet of what has been keeping me SO busy lately! For the next several blogs, I'm going to post a picture or details of some fun and crazy things going on in my life.

So here is the first thing....yeah it's kind of a big thing around my house...
 4D (3D in real time) and standard ultrasound images

No, this isn't a picture of my baby. It's a picture from, but it gives you the idea of what the baby looks like at 20 weeks, which is how far along I am.
We're excited for baby #4 and busy trying to make all kinds of preparations. I'm tired a lot, guess that's what you get after chasing around three kids all day while you're making another one at the same time. I also have difficult pregnancies and so around this time, everything I do costs me something that I pay for in pain because I have a condition called meralgia paresthetica. It's a tricky balance, but I'm doing my best. This is a fun time though because I'm feeling the baby move and my belly is starting to grow.
I love reading a book called, Your Pregnancy Week by Week because it shows pictures of the fetus each week and gives detailed info and tips for each stage of pregnancy. It's fun to read about all the development going on with my baby.
Come back tomorrow to find out what else I've been up to.


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