Monday, June 7, 2010

Been a Little Bit Busy

The days keep flying by and my blog has been severely neglected. Sorry all of my bloggy friends! I'm going to attempt to catch up by giving you a snippet of what has been keeping me SO busy lately! For the next several blogs, I'm going to post a picture or details of some fun and crazy things going on in my life.

So here is the first thing....yeah it's kind of a big thing around my house...
 4D (3D in real time) and standard ultrasound images

No, this isn't a picture of my baby. It's a picture from, but it gives you the idea of what the baby looks like at 20 weeks, which is how far along I am.
We're excited for baby #4 and busy trying to make all kinds of preparations. I'm tired a lot, guess that's what you get after chasing around three kids all day while you're making another one at the same time. I also have difficult pregnancies and so around this time, everything I do costs me something that I pay for in pain because I have a condition called meralgia paresthetica. It's a tricky balance, but I'm doing my best. This is a fun time though because I'm feeling the baby move and my belly is starting to grow.
I love reading a book called, Your Pregnancy Week by Week because it shows pictures of the fetus each week and gives detailed info and tips for each stage of pregnancy. It's fun to read about all the development going on with my baby.
Come back tomorrow to find out what else I've been up to.


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