Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy with Baby Chicks

I guess you could call it the mothering side of me, but when we decided to get baby chicks to raise for laying hens, I took full responsibility for their care.

They are so cute, but also a lot of work. I decided that if we ever need more hens, I'll get the chicks when they are already 9 weeks old and ready to go outside in warm weather. We started with 5 baby chicks in April and they were one and two weeks old. I kept them in my garage and cleaned up after them daily and watched them grow. At first they were tiny fuzzballs, then they started to get feathers.
 Everybody loved the baby chicks. We had to save them from our son, but the cat just watched them and has never bothered them.
We bought a book called Keeping ChickensKeep Chickens! which was a quick read, informative, funny, and a great reference tool. Even though my husband and I were both raised with chickens, it's been a long time and I couldn't remember a lot of things about chickens, like why we feed them oyster shells.
Oh, do you want to know why? It's because the oyster shells help chickens digest food in their gizzard by mashing up the food.

My kids loved them, especially my 7 year old. She picked a favorite and pushed it around in the stroller!
I'll post a little bit more info about these silly birds with updated pictures and our new chicken coop soon! I have some funny stories! Since we started this endeavor we have found that tons of our neighbors and friends have chickens--lots of them! Do you have chickens? If so, what are some of your experiences?


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