Monday, June 14, 2010

The Magic of Childhood

Do you remember the magic of your childhood? Do you remember looking at the world and seeing a bit of magic in everything?

I do.

I think that those memories have come flooding back in the past few years as I've watched my children grow and observed them discovering the world. How they delight in a chicken feather or a coral poppy filled with purple powder and a buzzing bee. Trying to explain the magic of the single day bloom of a day-lily. The day my daughter asked what really happens when someone says they don't believe in fairies.

As a child, I remember stepping out of my room and rushing back in to see if my stuffed animals had moved--or better yet, listening at the door to see if I could overhear them talking. I remember constructing great scenes in my head of a heroine and her knight in shining armor racing to her rescue. My lips would often move in silent speech as I thought out the details of my story. I've noticed my seven-year-old doing the same thing, but she's not afraid to tell those stories aloud as she plays.

I see the creative desires in my children and hope that they can hold onto those magical abilities, that they won't let the world take the magic from them. I was lucky because my parents have always been accepting of my "creative side" even when some people might have rolled their eyes and thought, "Why can't she do it like everyone else?"

I'm learning firsthand that sometimes being creative can be exhausting to a parent, especially when everything seems to spark a desire to have Mom help make something. Today it started with a lesson in a spirograph (I was delighted to find that they still make these!) that I purchased at a yard sale. Then it was an outline of a stencil to make an alien and a spaceship, and then the question....Do you have a box that we can make into a spaceship? Mom, can you cut the window in our ship? Mom, Dawson has the scissors and won't let go of them! I was trying to make dinner at the same time, but they were able to construct part of their spaceship.

Here's the part where I need to step back and remember. Forget the dinner and the bathrooms that need cleaning--just remember how it felt to recognize the magic. Cruising through a world of stars next to a blue and green alien that likes cherries and bananas.

Do you remember the magic of your childhood? Do you remember looking at the world and seeing a bit of magic in everything?

I hope today you'll take a moment to remember, relive it with a child, write it down in a journal, create a story from that magic... feel the magic sparkles from a fairy rainbow dusting your eyelashes as you smile.


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