Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thought

Today I'm giving you a writing quote from Dave Wolverton. I signed up to receive his "Daily Kick in the Pants" email newsletter almost two years ago and he is an amazing writer and teacher.

In speaking about the complexity of getting your novel the right length so that it is appealing to your publisher, booksellers, AND your audience, Dave said:

"What is an author to do?
There may be a compromise. Instead of writing massive tomes, working on endless descriptions, what if you instead wrote more “deeply”? What if you spent time considering how your setting would affect your characters, changing the way that they acted, felt, thought, and spoke? Could you immerse your reader into your fictive universe more deeply by making it a goal to do so in every paragraph, every sentence?

Think of your story as a chocolate cake. One way to sate the appetite of a fan might be to make a HUGE cake. But instead of making your cake larger, could you make it richer and more delicious?

Think about that today, as you work on your latest work, whatever it may be."

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