Monday, August 30, 2010

Whispers of Fall

Today I walked my second grader on her way to school and then took a short walk around the block with my other two kids. The air felt crisp with a chilly breeze--so refreshing--especially to this pregnant lady.

This little whisper of Fall always awakens memories inside me--wonderful memories of my childhood and growing up in a rural farmland. I have to be honest, it makes me a little homesick. Even after all these years, I still feel those memories keenly and can almost smell the air laden with the aromas of harvest. Grain and Bean harvest is finished, the fields are being prepped for winter. Potato and Sugar Beet harvest are just around the corner. The time for helping my parents clean out our huge garden, storing the squash and pumpkins in the shed, canning salsa, and maybe some fresh peaches looms in my memory.
*This is a picture of my dad during bean harvest about twenty years ago.

Harvest time in Rupert, Idaho where I was raised was to me the epitome of what my community meant. It defined me in a sense--how I love the outdoors, appreciate the bone-tired feeling of hard work, and wide-open spaces with fields as far as the eye could see.
It still defines me--in the way I view the world. I smile when I pass a lone wheel-line in an alfalfa field and hear the click-click of the sprinklers. I breathe deeply when I pass a field of freshly cut hay. There aren't any potato fields around me now, but I still recall the smell of the earth being churned up by the harvester as millions of potatoes surfaced after the long growing season.

The whisper of Fall in the air today reminds me that I want my children's memories to be as vivid as mine and tinged with a feeling of contentment, happiness, and gratitude for their growing up years.
Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you!
That's me and my dad on the tractor harvesting our bean field.

I hope you have good memories from this time of year and that you have cause to reminisce and enjoy them with me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Grand Prize Giveaway of the Limited Edition Workbox

It's time to pick our grand prize winner! One of these ladies will be able to choose one Limited Edition Workbox in her choice of color from The Original Scrapbox. This prize is worth $1495.00!!!! Woo-hoo!

Limited Edition Black Oak WorkBox

Here's the finalists in random order. Each of these ladies won a giant cutting mat and an entry into the grand prize giveaway.

1. Erin Compton
2. Emily Albrecht
3. Ashleigh Copenhaver
4. Chris Wooten
5. Melissa Allore
6. Kelly Massman
7. Debra Jackson
8. Kimberly Harris
9. Sarah Hamer
10. Caitlin McIntyre
11. Beth LaMee

Are you ready???

Limited Edition Natural Oak WorkBox

Okay, okay, I'll tell you the winner.

The winner of one Limited Edition Workbox--the Queen of all organizing furniture--this person is going to be doing the Happy Dance for weeks....

Congratulations to #9
Sarah Hamer AKA Pink Cricut- the winner from Obsessed with Scrapbooking Blog

Please email me and tell me which color of the Limited Edition Workbox you would like.
Thanks everyone for playing! Stay tuned because there will be another fantastic giveaway very soon on my blog along with some other fun stuff just for you!
Limited Edition Cherry WorkBox

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thought

Don't let your knight in shining armor turn out to be an idiot in tin foil!
A paper medieval knight helmet will look almost as good as the real thing..

Ha, ha, ha! I know it's not really my usual inspirational thoughts, but my mom sent this to me and I just had to share it. Hope you smile.
I'm going to give my knight in shining armor who wears a Green Bay Packer hat over his helmet a kiss.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We have a winner!

My lovely little friend,, just drew the winner for the preliminary prize in our HUGE Limited Edition Workbox Giveaway.

This winner gets a large cutting mat and
ONE entry into the Grand Prize drawing for the Limited Edition Workbox from The Original

Congratulations to....


Caitlin, you need to email me ASAP at with your full name, address, and phone number. You have until Monday night to get me your info. If I don't hear from you, I will have to select another preliminary winner.

Thank you to everyone who entered! This contest was a blast. Stay tuned to my blog next week to find out who the grand prize winner of the Limited Edition Workbox will be! And be on the lookout from more fun stuff and announcements, prizes, giveaways from RachelleWrites!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Giveaway of the New Limited Edition Workbox

This contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!

 It's time for a fantastic giveaway from The Original Scrapbox! We are giving away a Workbox which is one of their most popular and sought-after items. The Workbox had been around for a while, but this month a shipment of New Limited Edition Workboxes in four different styles of wood is on its way.
In celebration of this Limited Edition Workbox creation, The Original Scrapbox is hosting preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for one Limited Edition Workbox!

 The four styles of wood will be Cherry, Maple, Black Oak, and Natural Oak.
Limited Edition Black Oak WorkBox

Enter to win the preliminary giveaway:

One Giant Cutting Board (Retail $39.95) & one entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for a Limited Edition Workbox
If you are selected as a preliminary winner of the cutting board, you will then be entered into the grand prize drawing held on RachelleWrites on August 27, 2010. On that date, Rachelle will select a winner from all of the finalists to receive one Limited Edition Workbox (value $1495.00) in the winner's choice of color/style of wood.

*The contest is open to addresses in the 48 contiguous United States only.

Giveaway open from August 16, 2010- August 20, 2010 at 11:59pm MST.

Giveaway Rules:
*You can only enter under one name
* It is possible to win more than one preliminary prize, which means it’s possible to be entered into the grand prize drawing more than once.
*All winner’s addresses must be stateside US addresses
*You must complete the required entry to be eligible to win

Here's how to enter:Please leave details in your comment of how you entered with required links. I'll put all entries into a spreadsheet and use to select the winner.

*Required entry: You must visit The Original Scrapbox website and leave a comment here on my blog telling me your favorite item.

Extra Entries:

  • Tweet the contest with linkback in your comment (copy and paste right into the text box) and use the hashtag #scrapbox in your tweet.
  • Facebook the contest with linkback in your comment
  • Subscribe to my blog/add me to your blogroll
  • Subscribe to my newsletter- email Rachellethewriter AT with subscribe in subject line
To receive 15 extra entries, you must do the following 4 things together on your blog post and please leave a link back to your blog post with your comment (only one comment required, but you must leave a link so I can check your post.)
  1. Blog about the contest WITH a picture of the Workbox in your post and link back to this post, so people will know where to enter.
  2. In your blog post link the phrase "Limited Edition Workbox " to
  3. Link the phrase "The Original Scrapbox" to
  4. Link back to this contest, so that people know where to enter.

You can enter the preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the grand prize drawing at the following blogs:
Creative Time For Me
Made by Momo
The Mom Nerd
Scrappin Navy Wife
Obsessed with Scrapbooking
One Cluttered Brain
365 Cards
Get Sketchy
Pile it on Challenge
Lovely Little Handmades 
Rachelle Writes --You are here!

*Disclosure: I received free product from The Original Scrapbox to host this giveaway. All rules must be followed and correct contiguous U.S. address given for prize to be awarded.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Funky Research Links for Novelists: You're Being Tracked . . .

Check out this blog post from my friend Cindy Bezas. It's pretty interesting and I bet you could come up with a cool story from it!
Funky Research Links for Novelists: You're Being Tracked . . .: "OK, here's another funky news report that is enough to stir a novelist's imagination. Just ponder on this as a premise for a novel and all t..."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Thought August

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.
--Ray Goforth

I love this quote! I've met both of these types of people and I've realized that we are in charge of our own successes in life. Sometimes we have to close our ears to certain people and hold fast to that belief in ourselves.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Giveaway Scout

I've joined a new site called The Giveaway Scout. They list all kinds of giveaways from all over the web using a search engine to help find more. The Scout found my site and invited me to join, so hopefully my next huge giveaway which starts next week will also be listed there!
Check out The Giveaway Scout, you'll probably find a contest just for you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Balancing Family & Writing

*I wrote this article for my writing group (I've been a member for 5 years now) Authors Incognito. You'll see it in the August newsletter.

I am a writer. I am also a mother, wife, daughter, gardener, piano teacher, chicken keeper, bread-maker--you get the idea. People often ask me, “How do you find time to write?” I imagine that every writer, no matter how young or old is asked this same question. The answer is within the question itself—finding time. If something is important to you, you find the time, you make the time, you PRIORITIZE.

Writing is important to me, but it took some doing for me to figure out the best way to work with a young family. As a new writer, I read in several places from esteemed authors that you shouldn’t write unless you had a two-hour block to work because it takes time to get back into the writing mode, etc, etc.

Unfortunately for me, I believed that advice for at least six months. Every time I would think about writing, I would think that I didn’t have enough time and I probably should get more housework done or do something else on my ‘To do’ list. Then I had an “Aha” moment when I realized that as a stay-at-home mom of young children/babies, I probably would never have a two-hour block of uninterrupted time.

And so I began writing in snatches. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there, and sometimes during nap time I would get a full hour of writing in! In between caring for newborn babies and chasing after toddlers, I would be thinking about my novel in progress. Sometimes while rocking a baby in the middle of the night, an idea would strike me and I would scribble down a few notes. Now, I try to keep my Word document open during the day so if I get a great idea for a scene, I can hurry and type it out.

So, how do I find time to write? I write in snatches during the day and then I don’t watch much TV so I have time to write when the kids go to bed. Writing is a priority to me and I have a wonderful husband and family who know how important it is for me to write. Let those around you know what your priorities are. Tell them about your dreams and goals and then ask for their support. Listen to advice on writing, but form your own "rules" for the writing method as you figure out when your most creative times occur and how to tap into your inner writer.

I found a method that works for me and I wish you the best of luck in finding your own writing method so you can crank out those pages. Happy Writing!
Rachelle J. Christensen, author of Wrong NumberWrong Number and
Lost Children: Coping with MiscarriageLost Children: Coping With Miscarriage for Latter-Day Saints

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Thought

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.
--Sam Ewing

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Name is Rachelle

My husband loves me and he knows what makes me tick, so when he found this website he knew I would like it. I love it!
Can I just say that this gal described how I feel about my name EXACTLY!! And because of my experiences, I have always tried to be careful and notice other people's names and how they are pronounced.
So in case you were wondering, my name is pronounced, Ruh-shell, and I am now a part of the Rachelle web ring. I love my name!
I couldn't get the little button to work yet, but hopefully I'll be able to add it to my blog soon. In the meantime, take a peek at the Rachelle Ring website and read about my name--I think it'll make you smile.

Do you have a story about your name? Why do you like/dislike your name?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few pictures from Chautauqua, New York

I wanted to post a few pictures of the beautiful surroundings I was lucky enough to enjoy when I went to my Highlights Writers Conference at Chautauqua, New York.
The hydrangeas were in bloom and they were gorgeous! Here's a picture of a bush starting to bloom.

I'd never seen hydrangeas outside of pictures and labels on lotion bottles, so I was excited about the blues, pinks, whites, and other colors of this magnificent flower.

These flowers lined the streets and caught my eye everywhere I went that week. These are all pictures I took with my cell phone, but I think they turned out pretty well.

I also was lucky enough to go on a nature walk where we learned about looking closely at our surroundings and finding interesting things to spice up our writing.
Check out the cool-looking fungus growing on this tree stump, just a few steps off the paved walking trail.

We were given a look at Chautauqua: Something Old, Something New. Everything there is structurally pretty old--the place I stayed was built in 1880, but when we walked the grounds we learned about the age of the forests and other natural growth occurring there.

I attended several classes in this building. It's called The Hall of Christ.
It was inspiring to live among such picturesque surroundings for a week and I'm busy putting that inspiration to work. I'll post some pictures of the quaint little place I stayed soon.


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