Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Celebration Care-Bear Style

We just celebrated Maggie's 5th birthday! What a big day! I can't believe how much my little girl has grown.

She loves Care Bears. A few years ago, we picked up a Share Bear at a yard sale for one dollar and she sleeps with it every night. Share Bear is often sitting in front of her dinner plate as well and goes with us everywhere. I have had to re-sew nearly every seam on this stuffed animal!

So the cake for this special birthday definitely needed to honor this Care-Bear friend.

I found a cake pan on eBay and was elated that it included instructions for Share Bear. I think it turned out pretty good and Maggie was thrilled!

For her little birthday party we played some simple games that Steve and I created to match the Care Bear theme

*Pin the tail on the Care Bear

*Ring Toss--throw the Hula Hoop around the Care Bear

*We let the girls decorate paper placemats with cutouts and stickers of Care Bears

The party was a success because everyone had fun and it was simple, short, and sweet!
I've mentioned before I'm quite nostalgic so one of the special presents we gave Maggie for her birthday was my old Cheer Bear from my childhood and Steve's Friend Bear from his childhood. So now she has three Care Bears and has been having lots of Care Bear parties the past few days!


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