Friday, September 10, 2010

Bundle of Books Giveaway & Praise for Wrong Number

I love writing, but waiting to hear what people think after they read my book I don't love so much, because it's nerve-wracking.
Today is your lucky though because you get to celebrate with me! I just received some more great feedback on my suspense novel Wrong Number and to celebrate I'm going to host a Bundle of Books Giveaway!

First I'll tell you about the reviews though.
Wrong Number was recently reviewed by a prominent book reviewer on AML, Jeff Needle. Here's a quote from his review:

"Here's the exact way to turn an improbable plot into a rollicking
suspense novel, full of surprises and twists, and wonderful
characterizations." AND
"Christensen does a wonderful job of developing her characters. As
happens so rarely, I was able to close my eyes and imagine what each
character looked like. This is amazingly good writing. And you begin
to care about so many of the characters, without ever fully knowing who
you can trust. Christensen keeps you on the edge of your seat."

I also received some nice praise from another writer I admire, Gregg Luke. Check out his website here to see his award-winning novels. Here's what Gregg had to say about Wrong Number:
  "Wow! For your first suspense/thriller you smacked this one out of the park! I was very impressed with your storyline, your pacing, your characters, your attention to detail and accuracy,and your prose. I loved it! I read several books a year, and there are very few I can't put down when it's time for dinner or bed. Wrong Number is one of the few I HAD to finish. It was one of the few books I've read where afterword, I thought, dang, I wish I had written that! Congratulations."

Wrong NumberIf you haven't had a chance to read Wrong Number yet, go pick up a copy. It's available wherever books are sold and also on Amazon. I'd love to hear what you think. You can read more of what people have said about Wrong Number on my left sidebar.

In the meantime, let's celebrate with a Bundle of Books Giveaway!
I love books--unfortunately my bookshelves are sagging with the love--so from time to time I select a few to lighten the load and pass them on to my happy readers.

Here's what you can win in this Book Bundle (These are not new books, but in very good condition) Yes, ONE lucky person will win ALL of these books! Click on the image to learn more about the book:
Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie MorgensternTime Management from the Inside Out, Second Edition: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule -- and Your Life
Julie Morgenstern Organizing System notebooks
Tempest Tossed by Josi S. Kilpack
Ordinary People Extraordinary WealthOrdinary People, Extraordinary Wealth: The 8 Secrets of How 5,000 Ordinary Americans Became Successful Investors--and How You Can Too by Ric Edelman
No Way Out by Christine Kersey
On Writing by Eudora Welty
By Love or By SeaBy Love or By Sea by Rachel Rager
It's Okay to Take a NapIt's Okay to Take a Nap and Other Reassuring Truths for Mothers Everywhere by Debra Sansing Woods
The Forgotten WarriorThe Forgotten Warrior by Kathi Oram Peterson
Low Profile SellingTom Hopkins' Low Profile Selling by Tom Hopkins book and Video
Saving Your Marriage Before It StartsSaving Your Marriage Before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry by Dr. Les Parrott III

Illusions of Spring by Annabelle Corrick Beach

 You can enter to win from Friday, September 10th to Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 11:59pm MST. I'll use to select a winner and the winner must respond within 48 hours with their name and US stateside address or I will select another winner.
Here's how to enter: Leave just ONE comment telling me all you've done to enter

  • Leave me a comment and tell me the best book you've read recently or one of your favorite books
  • Subscribe to my newsletter- email Rachellethewriter AT with subscribe in subject line
  • Blog about the Book Bundle Giveaway with a linkback to this post 
You must have a United States, stateside address to be eligible for this giveaway. *And people, this didn't even make a dent in my bookshelves, so I'm going to have to do this again soon!
Winner will be randomly selected and entries must follow above entry guidelines. (Just in case, pregnancy disclaimer) I will send out the shipment of books as quickly as I can to the winner, but there may be a delay based on health issues.


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