Monday, October 25, 2010

Pieces of Paris featured in Rachelle's Book Club

G.G. Vandagriff is an accomplished author and her latest book attests to her ability. G.G. won the Whitney award  for best historical fiction for her 2009 novel, The Last Waltz. Her new book Pieces of Paris is a great read, interwoven with several different subplots that make for a riveting story.
Pieces of ParisHere's the book blurb:
Is it possible to forget who you once were?
Annalisse and Dennis seem to be living the American dream until Annalisse's secret past threatens to destroy their family.
This skillfully crafted novel from Whitney Award winner G. G. Vandagriff explores the long-term effects of personal tragedy in haunting flashbacks of Annalisse's former life--flashbacks that are interwoven with a passionate romance to reveal a person entirely different from the woman Dennis thought he had married.
But as Annalisse struggles with long-buried memories, Dennis's investigation of a toxic waste incident ignites the wrath of a former political ally and an industrial firm that will go to any lengths to cover up a shocking crime.
Can Annalisse reconcile her turbulent past with her present life  before it's too late? And can Dennis find a way to save his family and the town they've called home? 

 I enjoyed reading this book because it had a dash of mystery, romance, characters facing inner-conflict--all those story elements that kept me turning pages. G.G. has a talent for description and I loved reading about the music and scenery she described in the book.

I've played the piano since I was 6, so it was fun to identify with some of the feelings/passions Annalisse had for her music. I'm also a farm girl and would love to be again, so I could identify with both Annalisse's feelings and her husband Dennis' feelings for the life of a farmer.
G.G. has crafted a story that will reach out to just about anybody. Pick up Pieces of Paris and see what part of this story touches your heart.

Read more about G.G. and her writing on her blog.


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