Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Lesson from My 7 Year Old

We went to see Santa last night with our four kids. Earlier in the day I told the kids we would be going and then asked them what they were going to ask Santa to give them for Christmas.

My five-year-old said, "A dolly."

My seven-year-old said, "I don't know."
Me-- Isn't there something you've been wanting?
7yo--There were some things but then I got them for being good, so I guess I don't need anything.
Me--swallow * pause * swallow (thinks about the things she's referring to that probably cost a total of $10.00) Well, think about it and if there is something, you can tell Santa tonight.
7yo--I did want a real little tea set, but then you gave me yours so I don't need that now either.
Me--swallow * she's referring to a little teacup and plate on a plastic stand that I've had for ages and I said she could put it on the shelf in her room.

I've had many conversations in recent years with my husband about how our kids just have too much stuff. It's so different from when we were young--you could not get a Barbie doll for $3.00 on a killer sale. You couldn't find an awesome car set for the same price. And even if the prices were good, there just wasn't the money to have a big, extravagant Christmas.
And guess what? That was okay.
It was wonderful. Simple.
I've worried so much that my kids might not appreciate the season or the toys they have because they have so much. My husband and I have tried to be careful to teach them about giving and appreciating what they have, but weren't sure if it was sinking in. Well, yesterday I decided some of it was sinking in. I'm sure that might variate from day to day and week to week, but my seven-year-old gave me a big reminder of the lesson I had been trying to teach her. Thanks, Sweetie.
Merry Christmas!


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