Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I. Am. So. Tired.
This post is not for the faint of heart--we interrupt Rachelle's regular upbeat posting for a small dose of the REAL world, one so real that she hasn't been able to write herself out of it...

Yep, I'm TIRED
of getting no sleep
of cold, snowy mornings
of babies crying
people coughing
no sleep
dinners that need to made
dishes that must be washed
no sleep
laundry and shaking throw-up chunks out of towels
nebulizer treatments
expensive medicine
no sleep
3 doctor visits in one day, right after the new year when my deductible has no longer been met
Seeing every hour on the clock from 10pm to 7am accompanied by crying, coughing, barfing, and more crying.
 of telling myself that next week will be better and maybe I will get to stay in my bed for more than 2 hours

Explanation for tired, no smiley-girl Rachelle???
There has been someone sick in my house since January 15th (that's over 7 weeks). 4 kids--ages 7 years to 4 months. 2 adults--actual age undisclosed, but the age that we feel right now is 82 and 76, respectively.
I will end this depressing post by saying that I am so thankful for good health and when it returns I will kiss it, hug it, hold it and try to never let it leave again!


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