Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicken Farmer

Last year we embarked on a new journey--raising chickens! My husband and I were both raised in farming areas and so our families had chickens, but it'd been quite a while since I had to care for the little peepers.

It's been a fun adventure. Steve built a nice chicken run which is attached to a little coop and our kids have had so much fun collecting eggs.

I was so excited when I found the need to buy myself a pair of mucking boots. I moved pipe on my dad's farm starting at the young age of eight and so irrigation boots were a constant part of my wardrobe for over ten years. So, you can see that my boots aren't anything fancy--in fact pretty cheap--maybe some day I'll get me a cute pair.
Whenever my 2 year old son sees me putting my boots on, he says, "Mom, you be a chicken farmer?"

My hubby loves to tease me and call me a chicken farmer now. The next picture is of our beautiful Barred Rock Rooster who is no longer residing in said chicken pen. I purchased baby chicks locally that weren't sexed and so I ended up getting rid of a total of four roosters. Mister Barred Rock is the fourth. We thought about keeping him because it was kind of fun to hear that early morning crow (not so much when he was crow-happy and singing every hour during the day). He was a showy rooster--look at those tail feathers!

Alas, the stupid rooster decided to bite the hand that fed him and so I sold him. When he started attacking me every time I went to feed, I decided it was time for the rooster to say good-bye to his lovely hens. I like to think I'm pretty brave, but there's a few things I just can't tolerate--mice and attacking roosters. After I ran screaming back into the house, the one day I didn't have my boots on or a rake to fend him off, Steve laughed and told me to get rid of him. He could laugh because the rooster never bothered him!

So things are a bit quieter around the Christensen farm these days, but I can hear the chickens giving their call right now--the one that means, "I just laid an egg! I just laid an egg! Come and get it!" And it sounds pretty nice. I think I'll mosy on out there and talk to the ladies without any fear of getting chased by Mister Barred Rock.


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