Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The CutterPillar Pro--My New Self-Help Tool

I have a confession. 
Yes, it is true. 
I am one of those people who can't cut a straight line with a ruler!

I am not a perfectionist, so I've learned to live with my cutting disability and still craft. Today I want to introduce you to the latest, greatest cutting tool for cutting-impaired people like me and even talented cutters like most of the rest of you.

I have had so much fun utilizing the fool-proof measuring and cutting system that is the CutterPillar Pro! I love making cards and there are always tiny rectangles and squares that need to be cut to accent my stamped images.

I made this cute card with the help of the CutterPillar Pro.

They have even improved their ruler system to include ruler enhancement strips to measure as tiny as 1/8" and 1/16".
The CutterPillar Pro is a brand new company and I'm excited to introduce you to them!

I want you to go checkout the CutterPillar Pro Facebook page and click LIKE and then comment and tell them, "Rachelle sent me!"
Visit the website here http://www.cutterpillar.com/ and check out their testimonials and FAQ's about this fabulous NEW product.

Check out all of the nifty features on the CutterPillar--it even has a storage drawer! Click here http://www.cutterpillar.com/features.jpg to see more details.
I'm working on some future contests. Tell me, would you like to have your very own CutterPillar Pro?


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