Monday, May 2, 2011

The Chicken Farmer is Sad Today

Today one of our chickens died. This is a part of farming that I can never get used to. I love animals from the simple to the great. Growing up on a farm, you see a lot of what we refer to as "The Circle of Life" but that's one part that never gets easier for me. So I wanted to post this little good-bye to our little Barred Rock Hen, "Oreo", named by my kids. They were really sad too. Here's a picture of her last summer when she was just about 10 weeks old.

I'll be okay and I'll keep working hard to be a good chicken farmer. The flip side of this part of farming is it gave me an opportunity to talk about life and death with my kids in a way that they can grasp. It doesn't really make things much easier right at this moment, but it does give them an understanding that animals and people die and that it's okay to feel sad about it and ask Heavenly Father for help and comfort. So that's the lesson I'm taking from this sad event. Thanks for letting me post my feelings today.


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