Monday, May 30, 2011

Lilacs in Bloom for Memorial Day

I've enjoyed smelling the lilacs near my home the past week. I love lilacs for more reasons than their scent, strong in the morning and muted after spring rains. I love lilacs because they remind me of Memorial Day.
My parents have a lilac hedge and each year on Memorial Day we would clip a bunch of lilacs, drive to the cemetary and place them on my grandparent's graves. My dad's parents were both gone by the time I was nine, so this tradition has gone on for a long time.
My dad always cleaned off their graves and we spent a few minutes reminiscing. As the years passed, we visited more graves and my parents gave us the opportunity to remember our loved ones.
I hope that you feel the peace of good memories today.
I'm going to cut some lilacs.


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