Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tidbits from an Awesome Writing Conference

I recently attended my 6th LDStorymakers conference--it was the 8th annual conference--and I was again blown away by the sheer amount of knowledge and opportunities available.
National agents Becca Stumpf, Sara Crowe, and Sara Megibow were all in attendance as well as Marcia Markland, Senior editor at Thomas Dunne books.
Here's a link to more about the special guests at the conference

A few highlights:
I won a seat at the VIP table with Becca, Sara, Marcia, and Larry Brooks for the Friday night dinner. It was so fun to talk with them in a more casual setting.

Dave Wolverton/Farland is one of my favorite teachers. He has so much knowledge, I wish I could just plug into his brain and download it!
Larry Brooks taught a great class on Story Structure and I bought his book Story Engineering which I'm currently reading and excited about his breakdown of this concept.
I attended Elana Johnson's "How to Write a Killer Query class" and she knows her stuff!
I also attended Sara Crowe's class on Query pitches and she gave some awesome advice and examples.

I met a ton of new writing pals and reconnected with some of my favorite buddies.

I felt like I was running the entire time (and sometimes I really was sprinting through those halls) to go back and forth to my room to take care of my baby. Here's me with a picture of my baby--does he look hungry to you?

My wonderful mom came and stayed with me to take care of my baby--I love you Mom!

She made it possible for me to participate in this conference and I'm so grateful.
I wish I had some pics from the conference for you, but those will have to come later.
Next up, I think I'll post part of my to-read list. It's really long, but fun.

What are you reading lately? Tell me and I'll probably have to add a few more titles to my list.


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