Monday, June 6, 2011


Have you ever laughed at something silly your kids said? Have you ever thought, I'll never forget that!
I have and quite a few years ago, I started doing something to make sure I wouldn't forget the hilarious things my kids have said. I wanted to tell you in case you'd like to start recording your own Isms.

I created Isms for each of my kids. Any time my kids would say something absolutely unforgettable, cute, or funny, I would jot it down in my planner. I created a folder on my computer for each kid. I used their name with a hyphen and -isms. So I have a folder called Gracie-isms for my little girl. In the folder are several word documents with a date and title.

Here's an example:

Window teeth
August 2009

Gracie lost her 2 front teeth and when she was talking to Grandma on the phone, she said, “Grandma, when I close my teeth, I have a window.”  

Isn't that priceless? And I had forgot all about that until I opened her folder. I laugh and smile at all the wonderful Gracie-isms that marked special moments where I was grateful to be there with my little girl, listening in to her world. 

This idea doesn't have to be just for kids. You could jot down a nice thing someone said to you today, the title of a song that brought tears to your eyes, the taste of that delicious homemade ice cream. 

I hope this idea might help you to record and remember those moments. I'll end this post with another Gracie-ism that made me smile.

July 11, 2008

We definitely live in a world of technology. Today my kids were eating peas out of the garden and my five-year-old said, "You have to open the iPod to get the peas out."

What do you do to remember those unforgettable moments?


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