Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Little Corner of Crafter's Heaven

 As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of The Original Scrapbox! They have so many wonderful pieces of organizing furniture as well as fabulous accessories.

This past October, one of my dreams came true when I was able to bring a Workbox home. This beautiful limited edition Cherrywood Workbox to be exact.

 I brought my new baby home shortly after that and I guess that's part of the reason this post has been so long in coming. :)
First I had to put in dozens of shelves and unfold all of the cool canvas totes/drawers that come with it. I felt like a kid at Christmas!

My kids were excited about the Workbox

and I was even more excited that these amazing storage cases come with a lock on the top!

 My sister helped me fill almost all of the cool storage containers with scrapbooking supplies--everything from paper, brads, buttons, stickers, to my Stampin' UP! stamps and inkpads.
Here's a pic of the crafty sisters--so glad that pregnant belly is gone now and I can hold my sweet baby!

I've been working to fill it ever since and I still have a few storage drawers available for my next crafty tool! Look at the neat fold-out work table that comes with it! I put a piece of velcro on the back of my rubber stamps to hang on the wall covered with felt. I got this idea from another Workbox owner on the Scrapbox Facebook page here.

 And the fun didn't end once my Workbox was in place. The cardboard boxes it came in are still being used as a "house" for my kids. I love this pic of my hubby with our little boy inside the cardboard house eating a popsicle.

Knock! Knock! Can I come in?
Thank you Original Scrapbox for a houseful of fun and new creative energy!

I'm kicking off another fun giveaway celebration for The Original Scrapbox on my blog in a few days, so stay tuned to see what's up next!


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