Monday, August 8, 2011

C3PO Is Back

 I had a crazy weekend. On Saturday, I turned my neck and heard a pop and a couple hours later I could no longer turn my head to the left.

I ended up making an emergency appointment with the chiropractor and missing the book signing I was scheduled to do with Danyelle Ferguson and Elodia Strain. I was in so much pain and it hurt to move!
Here is the culprit, a darling 23 pound, 9 month old boy.

Austin is such a cutie, so my neck will forgive him, but I am a little behind on things. Austin is in the human vacuum cleaner stage, so he's about to put a handful of gravel in his mouth right here.

I tote this tyke around so much lately that my back has suffered tremendously and my neck decided to give out. Have you ever tried to pick up a 23 pound baby without moving your neck? Yeah, not so much fun.
Anyway, I'm still recuperating but I hope that you all had a better weekend than me!


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