Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post for Thursday Thought: Michael Young

Today our guest is Michael Young, an author of Fantasy and Science Fiction, including "The Canticle Kingdom" and "The Last Archangel".

Michael's Thought to Share:

"We all make mistakes. It's what we do next that matters." 

Michael says: "This could apply to many things, but I like to think about this with my writing. As an author, I know that I'm going to make mistakes. They can range from a typo, to an entire manuscript that's not up to snuff.  Sometimes I'll make mistakes by leaving things out, not doing enough when there is so much to do. I feel already that I've made many mistakes as a writer, both in writing my books and in promoting them. What I think really counts, however, is what I choose to do after I've realized my mistake. It is easy to beat myself up about a mistake or to let it discourage me to the point of quitting. I try instead, however, to learn from what I've done and remain vigilant so that the pain of that mistake translates into a higher degree of excellence in my next project." 

I agree and I like your good attitude, Michael. Thanks for sharing with us today!
Here's the link to Michael's blog if you'd like to see more about him:


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