Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

My kids are so excited for Halloween this year.
My 8 year-old wanted to be a vampire and she definitely got into the scary part. She wanted blood dripping down her chin, etc. I had to improvise a little and throw in some sparkly over her white face-paint because everyone knows (since Twilight) that vampires are sparkly. I even put some red food coloring in a little water bottle for her to take to school so she could drink some blood--her idea!

 My 6 year-old wanted to be a princess, but she's very particular about clothes. It worked out well for me this time because it was easy. We put on a cute 'twirly' dress and a crown with some make-up, and cute princess is ready!

The 3 year-old didn't want to be's my hubby's idea for a costume for him

So he didn't want to be anything until he started listening to The Lion King on Disney audiotapes and he decided that the lion costume Grandma picked up for him last year would be great!
Baby who is now one is pretty easy to please. We went for something warm and the cozy hand-me-down pumpkin sleeper with hat and booties was perfect. Even if it was a bit on the small side!
All of these pictures are from our annual Grandma Halloween party! So much fun!
The kids bobbed for apples and ate donuts hanging from strings, sugar cookies, and of course delicious homemade soups.

I love it because it's kind of a practice session for Mom to make sure we have all the goods for the costumes we need and that every kid is happy.
What am I for Halloween? Depends who you ask, LOL!

I guess I'll just be Mom today, though I am hoping to find time to put on my writer hat too!
Happy Halloween!
What fun costumes have you created this year? What's your favorite part about Halloween?


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