Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Learning Moments

Here's a few things I've learned today.

You know when water is not cold, but kind of warm as in lukewarm? I learned lukewarm is one word. I pride myself on my spelling, but somehow that one got past me, ha, ha.

Electronics from the stone-age are still fun. My three-year-old son has been listening to the old Disney audiotapes I listened to as a child. Yes, my mom took very good care of things, we even have the books to go with the tapes. The only problem is every time it plays the little chime to turn a page, he says, "Mom, turn the page, turn the page!" His favorite is The Fox and the Hound with the big grizzly bear attack scene.

I need more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Okay, I already knew that one, but for some reason my baby thinks it is his duty to keep reminding me of that lesson.

When I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by the demands of my kids and life in general, a hug from a little one-year-old who pats my back softly is just what the doctor ordered.

Have you learned anything new today?


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