Monday, November 7, 2011

Snapshot from 1:30 on a Thursday Afternoon

I found this scribbled on a note paper in my desk from this past June.

I'm tending my nephew, who is also 2 years old so my sister can study for her college test, so that adds one more bum to the diaper duty circus.
I've already heated up my lunch twice at this point, so I'm thinking, "What's the point? Maybe I'll just pull out the Oreo's and some peanut butter!"

I was thinking that if I hadn't found that scrap of writing, the memory of that moment would have vanished. It's not the most important memory, but it makes me think about how much of our life is highlighted in our memories. We tend to filter through things and only remember the stand-out moments on the far sides of the spectrum of good or bad. I want to hold onto the little moments too. I want to remember that day in June when I felt frazzled, but I made it through. The boys were happy, they said and did silly things but those moments are so fleeting.
Just like how I had completely forgotten that when my first son was one-year-old, he used to grab anything he could find and throw it through the banister down the stairs. He would throw the girls' toys, shoes, my decorations, anything.

What made me remember his antics?
Watching my second little boy who is now one-year-old do the exact same thing.

I'm pretty sure I wrote something down about that, but I haven't reviewed the baby book so it is still in the faded part of my memory. But now that I've written about it again and brought the two separate memories to mind, I have a better chance of remembering...for a time.
This is part of my little exercise called "Mining your Memories" that I blogged about here.

What have you remembered lately that made you smile? 


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