Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Miracles From You To Shelley Mingo

I'm so excited to report on the results of the fundraiser that so many of you made a huge success. You can read more about it here. Shelley Mingo lost her husband two years ago in a plane crash, and she works out of her home as a hairdresser to support her three young children. 

On Tuesday I went to visit Shelley to surprise her with a check from the fundraiser. I set up a hair appointment with her and then met up with her sister Jenni to go over to the house. We came downstairs to see her busily working to finish up with another client. I waited for a few minutes, chatting with her brother, Ryan, who was there to help with the kids. Shelley said, "Wow, you didn't know you'd be coming to a party here."

My grin just got wider. I couldn't stop smiling and when Shelley motioned for me to sit in the salon chair, I said, "I brought you a little Christmas gift."
Then I handed Shelley a "Christmas Miracle Check" for her family. She said, "What? What is this?" and then she and I started crying. After a few minutes, she was able to read aloud the amount of $1,000.00!!! 
Given with love and prayers by over 50 donors.

I briefly explained to Shelley that The Original Scrapbox had donated a prize so that we could host a fundraising giveaway on my blog. The response and outpouring of love was overwhelming and we were able to raise $1,000 to help her with whatever her family needed this Christmas.
We all had tears in our eyes and a swelling of the Christmas Spirit in our hearts.

I had a great visit with Shelley. I didn't let her do my hair--I told her it was a fake appointment so that she could take a break because she works so hard and does a fantastic job as a hairdresser.

Shelley is a great mom, so patient and loving with her three darling children, ages 6, 5, and 2. I noticed several pictures of Jordan around the house with his children, his family and again felt a keen sense of loss for Shelley and the good men who are no longer here with us. I also have great admiration for her positive attitude. She and Jordan bought their house as a fixer-upper, but he was taken too soon to do everything they planned, and so Shelley has done her best to make her home beautiful and inviting.

I want to thank each of you again for reaching out to her with donations, thoughts, and prayers. Shelley is an amazing example of someone who knows our Savior and is trying her best to raise her children to know Him. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to share in the glorious feeling of celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with this miracle from you to Shelley.

Merry Christmas!
In loving memory of Jordan, Ron, and Jed Mingo


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