Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mining Christmas Memories

I've been enjoying the preparation for the holiday season. This is definitely a time of year that brings back so many memories. Different Christmas carols evoke feelings of home and family. Some of them make me laugh, like when I think of how my siblings and I made up funny lyrics to some of the Christmas songs. My mom would get after us and then try to hide her smile when we sang our silly songs.

Today marks the day of the beloved paper chain and countdown to Christmas. I helped my kids make a simple paper chain and it brought back memories of how each year my parents let us each make our own chain. We hung them from the china closet on cute little Christmas stocking holders and we'd get so excited to tear off each chain.

My mom said that I was always a creative child. Sometimes I was described as the 'creative child' with tongue in cheek. When I made my paper chain, it wasn't just paper rings. No, I shaped the paper like teardrops, ribbons, and whatever else I could think of to make it unique.

It's been a long time since I was a ten or twelve-year-old, but I made a little example to show you.

I remember that some people would make fun of my chain and others would admire the creativity. It didn't matter to me because it was MY Christmas chain. And that leads me to the special part of this memory. My mom and dad never discouraged me from being creative. Even when I came up with "unique" ideas that were a bit strange, they didn't criticize. They praised me for looking at things differently and for not being afraid to follow my ideas and create something new.
I'm thankful for my parents--they continue to be my biggest supporters. I love you Mom and Dad!

What do you remember as you prepare for the holidays?


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