Monday, January 30, 2012

Resolutions or Revolutions?

So January with all of it's New Year's fanfare, shoot-for-the-moon resolutions, and starry-eyed promises is drawing to a close. Many people will leave this month and any hope for change behind when the groundhog peeks from his hole.

This year, I'm doing things a little different. I took a lot of pressure off myself and toned down my normally huge list of goals to something simple.
My goal for 2012 is to find more JOY in the journey.
I've struggled with a lot of stress from many different sources over the past year, and lately I've been examining my life, trying to find that elusive power to change things so that I can genuinely smile. I've decided that the most important goal I could make--the most important daily choice I could make--is to find some joy each day.
A few things I'm trying to do...
Enjoy a daily devotional where I study the scriptures, thoughts, and take a few moments to ponder. This usually takes place after I get two of my kids off to school and my boys are playing trucks at my feet, but it's something that definitely brings me joy.

Enjoy my children by reveling in the moment, laughing more, hurrying less. This one is hard. Most of you can identify with the feeling that there is too much to do to sit down and really enjoy revving that hot wheels car down the hallway. I've always been good at making time to read to my kids, but after a few minutes of playing my brain would zone out and immediately begin ticking through my to-do list of all the things I needed to do to care for that child plus three more, not to mention the jobs I needed to complete for my part-time work and writing.

Enjoy sitting still. Again, this one is almost laughable, right? When does a stay-at-home mom of four kids with a house to take care of and a book to write and another job to do in her "spare time" ever get to sit still? But I am doing it, even if only for a moment. Last week, I sat on my couch and looked out the window. I watched my two girls walking home from school--singing, full of smiles, and imagination. I caught a moment that I can pull up like a snapshot in my mind and view the little moments of JOY that are all around me, if I will stop long enough to notice.

I enjoy each of you. Thank you for making my life brighter. I appreciate your comments, your wisdom, your support.
How about you? Have you made any changes in 2012? Are you still working on your resolutions?


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