Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Stuff from My Closet

I wanted to update my blog today but I expended most of my energy cleaning out my closet and dresser. In between that, a lot of my mental energy has been on promoting my new novel and the First Chapter Contest for the annual LDStorymakers conference, which I am co-chairing this year with Karen Hoover. It is a ton of work!

So since my brain waves are waning, I thought I'd share 7 random things that I found in my closet today.

7.  A pair of white heels that I wore to my wedding almost 14 years ago. I never wear them, so why is it hard for me to let them go?

6. A full boxed set of Fablehaven by Brandon Mull that I picked up on a killer sale--saving for a gift to my kids.

5. Jeans in size 10, 8, 6, and 4--Hallelujah! Baby #4 is almost 18 months old!

4. An old manuscript from the second book I wrote (which was the first suspense novel I wrote back in 2004). I'm glad that manuscript is well-hidden, but there are a few concepts in it that I might have to snag for my next novel.

3. A box of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls from my childhood. I've already given a few to my girls. Ah, the memories.

2. A grocery sack of toilet paper tubes. Okay, I'm not that weird--I saved them to make binoculars for my kids preschool group.

and the #1 spot goes to . . .

1. A bag of Dove Dark Chocolate that I had stashed on a shelf for an emergency chocolate fix! Looks like I get to have my favorite treat tonight! What is that you ask? Bwahahaha! You must wait until tomorrow when I will post a pic and the ingredients. :)

Are you in the mood for Spring Cleaning?


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