Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thought April

Welcome to author A. L. Sowards. She has a great thought to share with us today.
“If you fall, fall forward.”

            There are a few versions of this quote, but this one’s attributed to “Wild Bill” Donovan. He’s the man that suggested, developed, and headed the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the WWII-era precursor to the CIA.
            I like the idea behind it: yes, you may make some mistakes. You might fail. But learn from it, and it won’t be a complete waste. This applies to just about everyone. It certainly applied to the men and women of OSS. And it applies to writers. Most writers, including me, have been rejected before—by agents, by publishers, by readers. That can seem like failure, but I think it’s better to look at it as an opportunity to do something different, improve your abilities, and then try again. Use your little falls (and the big ones too) to learn something, so that moving forward, you’re a better writer, and a better person.
            Falling down hurts, but if you fall forward, sometimes it’s worth it.

            Sowards’s debut novel, Espionage, was released in March. She grew up in Washington state, then moved to Utah to attend BYU and ended up staying. She is married and has twin toddlers.


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