Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thought May

Today's quote was brought to you by Rebecca Belliston and it's one of my favorites too! Read her quote and her thoughts about it below:

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. – James Matthew Barrie

I love this quote!!!

I don’t know a single person who enjoys being grumpy or depressed. Maybe there are some, but for the rest of us, I believe this quote is the key to true happiness. 

The more self-absorbed I am in my own projects and problems, the more miserable I am. Many times I won’t even know why I’m grumpy and I’ll blame it on a specific thing irking me. But really, the problem is that I’m focused inward, not outward. When I flip it around and serve others—whether my kids, my friends, or even people I don’t know—those minutes convert to pure sunshine in my life. I smile more—even through the hard times—and find that the problems which had previously dominated my thoughts are usually frivolous and inconsequential.

As I've watched and studied genuinely happy people, I've decided this quote is the key. (I’m even using it in my newest book.) So if you’re needing a little sunshine today, go give some to someone else.

Rebecca Lund Belliston loves to write books and music. She and her husband ,Troy, live in Michigan and have five children.


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