Monday, June 4, 2012

Hawaiian Travelogue Day 2

For Day 1 of my Hawaiian Travelogue, click here
Day 2, May 7, 2012
After sleeping in, with no little boys to wake us up at 6am, we headed out to see some popular waterfalls on the island. We drove up a little canyon to Wailua Falls. 

They were beautiful, but the unique thing was how incredibly green it was everywhere we went and how flowers grew intertwined with the trees and bushes.

There were these gorgeous bushes with bright purplish-pink flowers and I had to ask someone what they were. Bougainvillea! I’ve read so many books that take place in Hawaii or tropical places that describe Bougainvillea and I finally got to see them.

On our way up to the north shore of Kauai, we stopped at Opaeka’a Falls. Across the road, was an overlook for Wailua River. 


After that we went to the Kilauea lighthouse and it was … meh. Save your $5 entry fee and just walk up and look at all the cool birds dotted all over the mountainside because you can't go inside the lighthouse or anything, but they have some great historical records and stuff there if that's your bag.

I will say that by the lighthouse you have a great vantage point of Secret Beach which is where we went next.

It’s called Secret Beach because you have to hike down the mountain about 10 minutes to get to the beach, but it’s not really a secret. Even so, there weren’t more than 20 people there when Steve and I hiked in.
I wanted to see the Secret Lava Pools and I’m so glad we hiked over the huge lava beds to find them because I’m totally setting a scene in my next book there—think DANGER, INTRIGUE, AND NO ONE AROUND TO SAVE YOU!

The tide was coming in and we didn’t want to get caught in between the rocks we’d just scrambled around, so we didn’t swim in the pools, we headed back to the beach to play in the ocean. Here's a pic of my hot hubby playing in the surf. It was so fun to watch those waves and the power of the ocean!

After that we tried to get the sand off—Kauai sand is sticky! You can see the Kilauea Lighthouse in the background here.

Then we headed back down to the south shore toward our condo. We stopped to see The Sleeping Giant, which is a mountain that looks like a giant—you guessed it—sleeping.
The sun set early in Hawaii--at 7pm, so we caught another beautiful sunset near the Sleeping Giant. 

Isn't this place full of inspiration? I've already started writing my novel that is set on Kauai and it just makes me want to go back! What do you think?


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