Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reach for the Stars!

Today's Thursday Thought is by another of my author friends, Kelly Nelson. I love her message--it applies to all of us in every walk of life.
"As a young teenager, I listened to a woman who was confined to a wheelchair give a motivational talk. In spite of her physical challenges she had achieved great things. I don’t remember all of what she said, but one thing has stuck with me for all of these years. She encouraged us to “Reach for the Stars,” saying, “If you reach for the stars you might make it to the moon, but if you only reach for the moon, you might barely make it out of the atmosphere, and if you only try for the sky you may not get past your roof top.”

I don’t remember who this woman was or what she had done, but her words have come back to me time and time again, motivating me to always try to be the best I can. Remembering what she said has given me the courage to try new things and to face possible failure. If we let the fear of failure stop us from trying, we will never succeed. Often it is what we learn from our failures, that gives us the experience and knowledge to finally succeed. I am reminded of Thomas Edison, who despite hundreds of failed attempts while inventing the electric light bulb, persevered until he achieved his goal. I don’t doubt he evaluated each failed attempt and made calculated adjustments until he found the recipe for success. Remember to always reach for the stars!"

Kelly Nelson lives in Oregon with her husband and four children. She enjoys riding her horses, running, and of course pursuing her passion for writing.


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