Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bookshelf Redo

Is anyone else having a wonderful hectic summer?
I'm enjoying a wonderful visit with my parents in Idaho and we're doing lots of Grandma activities. I wanted to post something that makes me so happy! I've been wanting to organize and clean my bookshelf for at least two years. It has been in such a sorry state of overcrowding and disarray.
See for yourself . . . Here's a pic right after I started unloading shelves to organize.

But no more!
It only took me two weeks of boxing up books, sorting, and reorganizing, but now look!

My books are organized and arranged according to age group and genre. No, they are not alphabetized! Who do you think I am? Ha, ha! Now the trick is to keep the shelves looking tidy and I know the only way that will happen is if I can get another bookshelf because these books don't include the stack of at least 30 more books in my TBR pile! Yikes! It also doesn't include my other book shelf and the full bookshelf in my girls room. Yep, the books seem to multiply around here.
How about you? Is book space at a premium in your home?


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